Why blogging helps SEO


I like to open a post with an interesting stat, so how about this one – according to ImForza; 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, and Google owns 65-70% of the search engine market share. So if you want your site to be at the top of someone’s SERP you will need to put great importance on SEO, odds are your competitors already have.


– So what is SEO?

whatisseo.com define SEO as “Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a website on organic search engine result pages, by incorporating search engine friendly elements into a website.” So basically, SEO is all about getting your site ranked higher than your competitors when someone searches for a term related to your field.

How does Google rank each site?

Google sends out bots to crawl and scan each webpage, it in turn ranks these pages by the number and importance of the links pointing to you. In relation to links its quality over quantity, and having a blog is definitely going to be a good link.

Blogging with SEO

Blogs have a huge audience and can be great for improving SEO. Matt Cutts of Google says if you want you blog to rank well that you have to be relevant to your field and reputable to other people. WordPress is a great tool to blog on, Cutts described it as a “fantastic piece of software” because it takes care of 80-90% of the SEO mechanics for you. WordPress lets you categorize and tag your posts, categories and tags offer opportunities for increased engagement and traffic to your blog.

Blogging-Stats-01-1024x731Unlike other sites, WordPress allows us to edit our permalinks, which helps SEO as we can add key words to our posts.


My main advice to anyone who wants to start blogging is to write about a topic you love and know about. If you love what you are writing about than you cannot fail, but also the content will be inevitably better if you know what you are talking about. Readers will sense the passion through your words which will be relevant and informative. From this they will want to follow your posts or even share them on their own social media sites creating backlinks to your site and therefore improve your SEO ranking.

Use Google Analytics

When running any site it is important to track it. Google Analytics is free and so easy to implement that there’s no excuse not to use it. Having analytics on your site can provide so much useful data and help you complete a number of different tasks such as locating 404 pages, studying how long a visitor browses your site for, and how much traffic you receive from search engines. You can now spot trends in how people view your posts and learn from what works and doesn’t work. By installing the WordPress plugin; Google Analytics for WordPress by Joost de Valk you will be able to track your blog with ease.

Below is a video which underlines some other great tips to increase your SEO with WordPress

I hope this post was helpful to you as I know SEO can be complicated to beginners.

Happy blogging!


Top 5 tips for creating great Facebook content.


Every day, Facebook has over 936 million users who average a 21 minute stay on the site, according to expandedramblings.com.

I mean REALLY? 936 million!! That’s like one billion people a day browsing and creeping on one another. That is a pretty insane audience base for your page to target once you set up.

I have been thinking of this blog post for a few days, so I set out to test myself; test myself to take notice of Facebook usage around me which has so subtly become second nature to everyday life.

  • I’m on the bus; 90% of the commuters have their heads buried in their phones – FACEBOOK
  • Looking for a computer in the college computer room, to do some much needed study. However all the computers are taken up with students on – FACEBOOK
  • I sit with my 4 mates for lunch, I am in conversation with one,I look around, the other 3 are on – FACEBOOK
  • Watching the football with my two brothers; a goal goes in, nobody celebrates? Every one of us was distracted by – FACEBOOK!

Facebook is slowly taking over the world, for better or for worse. We cannot get away from it, nor can we fight it, so we best just embrace it. So in saying that; here is my Top 5 tips for creating great Facebook content;

1. Be Consistent

2. Be Relevant

3. Make it Exclusive

4.Create Conversation


1. Be Consistent

This is no-brainer numbero uno.Consistency can be related to many factors. Firstly, you need to be consistent with how many times you post. Posting once a week is said to be too low and can result in losing connection with your target audience. However, posting over twice a day can lead to viewers getting annoyed and unfollowing, according to studies from Social Bakers. I completely agree and so should anyone who follows any Newspaper company on Facebook as they seem to post a spamful amount of times a day. Yeah, spamful.

The same studies show a good medium is to post once a day, which most major brands do;

chart-brands (1)

You also need to be consistent with your content; if are a digital marketing page and people are following you to to receive digital marketing news, stay on topic. Target your audience and stick to giving them what they want.

2. Be Relevant

This is something really easy to do, and really effective too. Keep up to date with current affairs and try relate it to your page/brand. A great example of this is one of my favorite brands; HB Ice Cream. A fun brand who needs a fun content. They used a very serious and relevant topic in Ireland; Water Tax charges, to make a witty April Fool’s day joke;


3. Make it Exclusive

I think now in 2015 we all know at least 300 girls with fashion bogs on Facebook, and another 300 guys with fitness blogs. Of course not all of these succeed in getting as many likes as the previous one. So what separates the great from the average? Being great, that’s what. OK, that might sound funny but it’s true. You can create an illusion to make people think that you are great. People love what they don’t have, what they can’t have.  Make them jealous, they will come.


The picture above is a good example of the type of picture that fashion bloggers should take. Just get a friend to take a picture of you in a nice area with a decent camera, it looks professional and is much more effective than a ‘mirror selfie’. It makes the product you are wearing look exclusive.

4. Create Conversation

Interact with your viewers. Ask questions in your post captions, if someone comments on your posts, than reply to them. Groupon recently done this to incredible effect, resulting in them going viral. After posting a product which looked a bit  NSFW, one Groupon employee replied to shocked customers in superb fashion.

5. Competitions

Competitions are a really good way to get new followers. You can run the competition over a number of days, get  your followers to ‘like & share’ the competition, this will then give your page a whole new audience as all their friend will see what they share. Very simple and effective, and if you have a product, it is a great way of getting it out to new consumers. Facebook competitions have proven successful in the past, if you want to know more; spiderworking.com give a great run-down on everything you needed.

The Future of Social Media is Mobile


“the average person

checks their phone

110 times per day”

Is the future of social media mobile? Most definitely! Hell, I’d go as far as saying the presence of social media is mobile. But is it a good thing? As a social media addict, in my second blog post I’m going to run through my favourite things and my pet-peeves regarding social media.
According to Locket’s data, on a given day, the average person checks their phone 110 times per day. Now you may think that is a quite astonishing fact, but I’m not the average person so maybe put a couple of 0’s at the end of the 110 and you get an idea of just how often I check my phone. Sometimes I worry I’m going completely brain dead from being on my phone and I’m pretty sure my baby finger is forming a groove on it from holding up my beloved OnePlus One. Pointless YouTube videos keep me up at night while scrolling through Twitter in the morning makes it impossible for me to get out of bed. Yes my love/hate relationship with social media is real.


A break down of how people are using their mobiles for social media.

According to the Social Media Examiner, Pinterest users are 92%, Twitter users are 86%, Facebook is 68%, and Tumblr is 46% mobile. Hence, why we see such regular updates with mobile apps. It is essential for companies to put great emphasis on the design and accessibility of their app. A bad app may lose a customer forever.

Super Snapchat
One company that is solely mobile based and flies that flag in amazing fashion is little aul Snapchat, which is reportedly worth an impressive $15 billion, and will be probably more by the time you finish reading this sentence. A midst this digital revolution believing stats concerning social media is a bit foolish, these stats and records are beaten every day.


Has Tinder killed true love?20140906050022!Tinder_logo

Another company which is solely mobile based is dating phenomenon; Tinder. Tinder has been bringing people together like no other. Never before has a dating site/app been looked at so legitimately across the board. People who would usually be hesitant to sign up to a dating site are now regular Tinder users. With the increase of social media comes the increase of needs to be nosey. In 2015 it is perfectly normal to talk to a complete stranger online. There are 150,000 Tinder users in Ireland. That’s a lot of single people to choose from. Which leads to my Tinder problem. It has completely killed true love. We now judge our potential partners by one selfie and a short bio, and if a suitor does manage to reach the next step of this love game with millennials having an attention span of 3 seconds, you best have a good chat up line. If early chat isn’t good than one may move quickly on, to the next best selfie.
Yes mobile is the future of social media, but please use it sparingly. Mobiles have brought this world to an amazing place, but we must not forget the true values that make us human. And the next time you see a fellow singleton at a bar, buy him or her a drink, get to know them, it still works!

Watch this quick video on why the future of social media marketing is mobile

My App Idea!!



to new friends and old. This here is my first attempt at writing a blog (how exciting, amma right?), so take it easy on me! Obviously, I’m far too cool to write blogs but it is mandatory for my Digital Marketing module. I’m joking of course, I’m very open minded and look forward to delving into different topics with you. However, these varied topics will probably be all about digital marketing, so I hope you like it!


This first blog post will concern my app idea for The APPrentice Competition running in CIT which I took part in. My  idea was ‘TurnOut’.



Ever wasted time trying to choose where to go on a night on the town? Queued up for an hour just to find out that the nightclub play music you hate? Lost in a new city looking for the best spots that match all your desires? Whatever queries and doubts which surrounded nights out, now ends! ‘Turnout’ is the app for you. Choose the pub or nightclub from music genres to how popular a spot it is. All your questions will be now answered with this revolutionary app.

Turnout uses the devices built-in GPS system to locate the user. The user then has an option to choose from every pub and nightclub in the surrounding areas. You browse through the list and check out each place individually. Each pub and club will have their own specific page where you can see what music they play, what offers they have running and even if it is currently busy or not, as a live ticker runs showing you how many people are in there at that exact time.


When you first open Turnout, we give you an option to sign in, you can do this with an email address or you can sign in using your Facebook account. If you choose to sign in using Facebook, by leaving your privacy settings off you can let your friends know what pub or club you are in and in reverse you can see where they are partying. This can be extremely convenient if you want to know where all your fun friends are going or even if you’re trying to avoid an unfriendly face.
There is different ways to search for the venue you fancy. Turnout will contain a drop down menu which consists of;

  • Popularity
  • Music
  • Genre
  • Age Group
  • Drinks Range
  • Promotions

After you select which option you can refine your search again with Opening Times, Serves Food, Wi-Fi and many more, to make each users search specific and personalized to them.
With an option to update your profile and tick what interests and hobbies you have, the Turnout experience will be precise and unique.

Of course, none of this matters anyway as the  uncreative folk over at the APPrentice didn’t go with my idea anyway, not that I’m bitter about it or anything. Again, of course I’m joking.

Actually, I am very proud of my good friend Diarmuid Foley who was selected in the final 20 for his app which helps battle bullying. If you want to read more about it check out his blog.